This Is Really About You

In our business time is not alway on our side, but the 37 years of experience that we have cultivated is. Malcolm and Julie are here for you and we will always be on your side when you need us to be there.

Introducing Our Team

Malcolm Tator has 37 years experience in Real Estate, Malpractice and Insurance Law. He’s been serving the Ventura County area for many years and will continue to serve good clients¬†just like you.

Julie A. Henry, CLA  has been a Certified Legal Assistant since 1990 and been working with Malcom since 2014, and together they form a strong team. She will always be ready to help you with anything you need.

We are guides in an intrinsic world defined by laws and we are here to help you find how the law can help and protect you.

Let Us Help You
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