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Are you confused by insurance law?
Is your insurance company refusing to: Defend you? Accept your claim?

Is your insurance company refusing to pay your claim? We can pursue it for withholding those benefits.

During our years of working for insurance companies, we have amassed a wealth of experience. This makes us highly qualified to navigate and litigate the labyrinth of Insurance Law.

Successful Cases

  • Bad faith failure to pay medical bills
  • Bad faith failure to defend based on pollution exclusion
  • Bad faith failure to pay medical bills
  • Denial of disability policy
  • Bad faith dropping of defense
  • Bad faith withholding med pay to state
  • Failure to pay insured after vandalism
  • Carrier allows default against insured
  • Failure to defend & pay settlement
  • Failure to defend son against injury caused by Mom’s home care worker
  • Bad faith failure to defend based on racing exclusion
  • Disability carrier deducts retirement benefits from its payments
  • Failure to defend title against fraud claim
  • Possible need for new policy when owned property is no longer the insured’s home

Insurance companies are quick to take your money for premiums… but slow to honor their obligations. We show them the error of their ways.

Let Us Help You

Oxnard Insurance Lawyers

When looking for an Insurance Attorney in Ventura County, a prospective client is presented with too many options. With many options comes the possibility of choosing the wrong Insurance Plan, something that could end up costing dearly afterward.

That is a headache that need not be taken when a lawyer is hired! Our Insurance Attorneys are known to be quite efficient and forthcoming at what they do, and they do it with confidence. We have a proven track record of ensuring that our client’s problems are remedied in earnest and that there is no undue escalation of costs.

Disputes tend to arise for a very simple reason. An insured wants the maximum return, while the insurer wants to pay the least possible number. This ultimately leads to a clash of interests between both parties, and is quite common. Thus, Malcolm Tator Law becomes here to help you every step of the way.

Also, once an insured is paying his premium on time, and adequately carrying out everything that is expected of him by the insurer; the insurer has a moral obligation to aid it’s customers in their time of need; and, if they deny them that, then we are more than willing to bell the cat, and get our clients the fair share of what they deserve.

Furthermore, Insurance Companies are no less to blame as well when it comes to resolving any insurance claim in the least possible time. They tend to take additional time prolonging a reviewed claim or application, and could end up denying claims on the most minimal of basis; this usually calls for the need to contact the best Insurance attorneys in Ventura County – ours in this case!

Why was an Insurance Claim Denied?
Unfortunately, some Insurance Companies can inundate the uninitiated with the most mundane of reasons – just to deny the insured their insurance money. They tend to give reasons such as:
– The loss is not covered under the insurance policy (when it actually is)
– The damage is lesser than what is claimed or falls under deductibles.
– The insurers “independent attorneys” or ” independent experts” have found out that there is no insurance money that is due to the litigant.

Ventura County’s #1 Insurance Claim Attorneys

As we have already mentioned before, laying claim to what a client rightly deserves is a long and tedious exercise, an exercise wherein the insurer would leave no stone unturned to deny the client what is well deserved. We will ensure that our client isn’t denied his/her claim based on faulty reasons and minimal assertions. We have, over the years, developed a keen understanding of the insurance market in Ventura County, and as such, could use that knowledge to the advantage of our clients. No litigation is too much for us, as we have been there and fought on various different issues for our clients, and could aid any prospective client with his problem too. When looking forward to hiring an Insurance attorney in Oxnard, it’s important to hire the best in Ventura County to make sure you are protected.

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