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Please note that our firm does not work on litigation for landlord/tenant disputes.

The sale of real estate properties often involves complicated transactions that can have a lot of legal complications. For this reason, it is often a great idea to hire a real estate attorney in Ventura when buying or selling your property. One of the main roles of this professional is to investigate whether it is legal for the seller to sell the home and the buyer to take it off their hands. Another reason to choose a professional is that you will need a legally binding contract that will ensure that the transaction goes through smoothly.

Malcolm Tator Law is a top real estate attorney near Ventura. We service the entire area, and are considered one of the best. Let’s take a close look at some of the reasons to hire a real estate lawyer. Real estate law covers a broad range of topics, such as buying, selling, leasing, and using commercial or residential property. Disputes will arise during property sales and will typically involve establishing property titles and boundary lines, zoning/land use issues and many more. A skilled real estate lawyer will help you navigate these issues successfully.

There are many types of problems that your real estate lawyer can help prevent or rectify – one of these is real estate fraud. Using a real estate fraud attorney in Ventura for your real estate transactions can help keep you safe from fraud. Real estate contracts are governed by the ordinary rules relating to fraud. This means that if one person intentionally deceives another, and the other is thus fooled into entering a transaction, the injured party can sue for fraud.

The most obvious type of fraud is when one person intentionally lies to another about an important fact, in order to persuade the other person to do or not do something. To prove this type of fraud, Malcolm Tator Law will help you show that:

  • The other party made a written or oral statement about a presently existing fact.
  • The statement was false.
  • The party making the statement knew that the statement was false, or made it recklessly and without caring if it was true or not.
  • The party making the statement intended the other person to rely upon the fraud.
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Property lawyers can also help resolve contract disputes such as closing cost disputes. A dispute over closing costs is a common one and involves the negotiated price of the real estate property and could arise as a result of:

  • Loan fraud
  • Good faith estimate conflicts
  • Misrepresentation of contract terms
  • Local law issues

As a rule, a real estate sales contract in California is binding when signed by both parties. If you accept an offer with no buyer contingencies (ie. appraisal, loan, property condition etc.) there is no “cooling off period”. Even though there are exceptions to this rule, disputes can sometimes arise before or after. We will make recommendations that will favor you in case of such disputes. Under some circumstances, the law will permit one side or the other to back out of the deal. But if this is not the case, we provide guidance on rescinding the contract. Real estate law is complex that is why you need a Ventura property lawyer to guide you through the process.

Real estate attorneys generally handle property closings and oversee the transfer of rights between two or more parties. These transactions can be overwhelming for both buyers and sellers and this is why several factors must be taken into consideration before a real estate transaction is undertaken. With our top-quality real estate legal services in Ventura, your best interests will be protected. There is a lot of money involved in a single real estate transaction, so people are more prone to disagreeing on terms for different reasons.

Generally, sellers believe that their homes are worth much more than what they truly are worth. Sometimes this might simply be an emotional attachment to the property, but no matter the case, hiring a real estate lawyer is one critical step that will help you get your money’s worth or sell at the right price.

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We are one of the most highly recommended real estate law firms in Ventura, CA. Malcolm Tator Law not only handles property matters, we also advise and represent clients in other areas such as legal malpractice, medical malpractice, and insurance law. Our multiple decades of experience in the industry is why we have a track record of successful cases overseeing real estate closings without loss to our clients. If you need a Ventura property lawyer, contact us now.

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